Why Comprehensive Dental Group Is The Best Choice For Dental Implants In Houston

When you lose a tooth it can be detrimental to your health in more ways than one.  Losing a tooth could affect your bite, the structure of your jaw, your smile, and even your facial composition altogether. The solution that is most natural for this detrimental oral trauma is dental implants. Getting the best choice for dental implants in Houston is a serious decision and should not be taken lightly.

Dental implant surgery should only be performed by an experienced professional who specializes in the field of implant surgery. Dental implant surgery when performed properly, can have an extremely positive impact on your physical health, your emotional health, and your self-image.

Of course, when it comes to dental implants in Houston, there is one clear choice when it comes to this specialized type of oral surgery; and that is Comprehensive Dental Group of Houston and for several good reasons.

Our Relaxing Atmosphere Reduces Anxiety

When you walk into our office for an appointment for your dental implant surgery, right away you notice something here is different. The atmosphere we provide and create is purposeful and is designed to reduce anxiety by creating a spa-like environment.

Our staff attends to your every need such as refreshments, personalized internet radio stations, and seating that is comfortable and relaxing while you wait for your appointment. This is no ordinary dental office and we are no ordinary dental practice.

Our staff will welcome you and treat you like family and your dental needs and your peace of mind is of our utmost concern. Our ultimate goal is to make going to the dentist a routine and peaceful practice so that maintaining proper dental care is easier without the added stress of anxiety.

Clean And Organized Facilities

In any medical environment whether it’s dentistry, internal medicine, or general surgery enforcing a high standard for a clean environment and keeping infections at bay is absolutely essential. Our dental professionals and staff constantly take critical steps to make sure that your oral health is taken care of in a sterilized facility that prevents bacterial infections which can lead to further complications following any oral health procedure.

Our Dentists Are Second To None

One of the many things we pride ourselves on is being very selective in who we bring on staff. Dr. Hanna and the other dentists that operate in this office are some of the best in the industry and have over four decades of combined experience. Our doctors understand that the dentistry practice is dynamic and constantly changing. That is why our doctors are always educating themselves on new technologies and procedures to help improve your dental health.

Our Dentists Are ADA And TDA Members

Comprehensive Dental Group of Houston dentists are long-time members of the ADA (American DentalAssociation) and TDA (Texas Dental Association). When dentists join these associations and become members, they are required to follow a specific code of ethics and conduct that benefit patients, in order to maintain their membership. This ensures patients are receiving proper dental treatment in a professional manner.

Reasonable Pricing & Finance Options

Everyone knows that the cost of medical care can have quite an impact on your finances and the costs are always rising. Dental implants are a permanent solution to a temporary problem and act just like natural teeth and anything that is this advanced is going to come with some significant cost. However, dental implants, in the long run, are still a more valuable option than any other means of tooth replacement. That being said, we do offer very reasonable pricing and financing options that make dental implants a very real possibility within most budgets.

We also give you pricing information upfront before your treatment begins so that you can plan and explore your financing options without any pressure. We also accept a widerange of dental insurance plans that may also help alleviate some of the costs depending on your plan and coverages.

Advanced Technology

Dental procedures such as dental implants can involve a very complex process which requires the use of modern technology and the most advanced materials and techniques. We have invested heavily in the most advanced dental technology and equipment to ensure your dental implant surgery is quick and seamless.

For example, our All-On-4 Teeth-In-A-Day® procedurecan create a brand-new smile for you all in the same appointment. Even just a few years ago this would have required several follow-up appointments and recovery processes that can now be done in one visit.

We Handle Everything In House

Some dental offices may send you referrals for certain services to other specialized dental offices. That not only can be a hassle but also takes up more time than you need to be spending on your dental healthcare.

We have all the necessary skilled personnel here under one roof; there is no need for endless referrals and bouncing around from office to office. When you come to Comprehensive Dental Group of Houston, all facets of your dental care are being handled by the people that you trust in one location.

This also helps us give you seamless treatment because we know your dental history, what procedures have been talked about and what your dental needs and goals are. It is truly a very personal experience as we value our patient’srelationships with us.

Come Find Out For Yourself Why We Are One Of The Top 3 Best Choice for Dentist Implants In Houston!

Listen, you could read what we have to say about ourselves all day long, but you’ll never actually truly believe it until you make an appointment for a free consultation and see for yourself what makes us different from the rest of the dentists in Houston. So contact us and schedule your free consultation today to pamper yourself with our state-of-the-art dental care.

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