Dr. Henry B. Bowman

Dr Henry B. Bowman

When searching for a dentist in Houston that will cater to your personalized needs you don’t have to look far. Dr. Henry Bowman is a native Houstonian that has been caring for the dental needs of his fellow residents for over 35 years. His detailed and down to earth approach to dental care has made him a Houston favorite.

Houston Strong Through And Through

While you may find a dentist in Houston—many are transplants from other cities, not Dr. Bowman. He was born and raised in Houston, TX where his fascination with natural science and the medical world began at Montrose Elementary. In fact, Dr. Bowman’s entire educational history is based entirely within this great city.

Moving on to Lanier junior high school, as well as Lamar high school Dr. Bowman continued his studies. He began to set his sights on the future and his love for his city kept him close to home. Even though, Dr. Bowman had his sights set on a career he answered his civic call of duty first.

Serving for eight years in the Air Force reserves, Dr. Bowman was a medical laboratory technician. This experience only served to heighten his fascination with the medical field that would come into play later. First, however, he earned his degree in History and Geography Teacher Education from the University of Houston. As science and the medical world still beckoned Dr. Bowman, he acted on it. The fine art and science of dentistry would be his calling, so naturally—dental school was the next step. 

Again, wanting to remain close to his roots, Dr. Bowman earned his Doctor of Dental Surgery degree at The University of Texas Dental School in Houston in 1982. Shortly after, his career and reputation as a top dentist in Houston would begin to take shape.

A Passion For Dentistry

Dr. Bowman has a passion for providing Houstonians with the dental care they need on their terms and their schedule. One of the few dentists to offer conveniences such as lunchtime appointments, he tries to schedule around the average patient. 

While he is very skilled in general dentistry, Dr. Bowman really enjoys bringing people’s smiles back to life. This is why he has dedicated much of his work to cosmetic dentistry, due to the impact it makes on so many lives.

He realizes that many patients have anxiety or fear of going to the dentist for major problems with their smiles. Often, this is because they feel the issues are irreparable or will be painful—Dr. Bowman neutralizes that fear.

He does this by focusing on constant communication and education of his patients—explaining everything he’s about to do along the way. This puts the patient’s more at ease because he speaks to their fears and calms them with information. 

"My fear of going to the dentist is silly now. Dr. Bowman explained step by step of what needs to be done and what he’ll do so the anticipation of being nervous is at ease. He is great!”
Teena Duong
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“Dr. Bowman is the best Dental Surgeon I have ever known. I’ve been his patient for over a decade and have had many different procedures with exceptional results. His gentle touch and professionalism keep me returning over and over again. His staff makes you feel like family"
John Donley,
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Family Is Everything

Dr. Bowman has always held a strong conviction in putting family first and being a good husband and father. Happily married to his wife of 29 years, he has two children and enjoys as much family time as possible. Often, he enjoys going on family saltwater fishing trips, working in their garden and making reproduction Tiffany lamps. He is also known to be quite the chef and enjoys cooking out with family. 

Dr. Bowman carries over his family values into his practice as well. He is a firm believer in seeing patients like a family member rather than a patient. When you are in his chair, he treats you like a relative who he is caring for. It is that old-time chairside manner that has been forgotten in many practices that keeps Houstonians asking for Dr. Bowman.

Looking For A Houston Dentist You Can Trust?

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