Dental Implants

Expert Tooth Replacement Using Dental Implants from Our Skilled Houston Dentists

Dental implants are a great tooth replacement solution for those who have missing teeth, teeth that need to be replaced or need an alternative to dentures. In the past, the loss of a tooth could mean you either went without it or you had a replacement that was noticeable. Now more than ever, a dental implant is a durable solution with an appearance that is so natural that people won’t know it is not real.

Our Houston dentists are experts in dental implants, providing top-level treatment and beautiful results. We use state-of-the-art technology and the most up to date techniques to ensure that your dental implant doesn’t just look great, but will last.

When it comes to dental implants, there are a few things you should know:

  • They are often the best alternative to your own teeth
  • They are cost effective
  • We use quality, durable material
  • When done correctly, they are very secure
  • They offer freedom to eat, drink, and live normally
  • Your healthy bone is protected, unlike what can happen when it’s exposed
  • Your speech won’t be impaired

The Dental Implant Process

We’ll start with a full assessment of your teeth and gums to ensure that your dental health is sufficient and that your jaw bone is healthy as well. During the first procedure, a titanium post will be implanted into your bone to provide a strong foundation for the implant. After you have healed, another procedure will take place either during this visit or during your next appointment when you receive the prosthesis. The process of dental implants is now better than ever and we recommend that you start with a complimentary consultation with one of our knowledgeable professionals.

A person’s smile is the first thing most people notice when meeting someone for the first time. It is generally the most expressive feature you have. When your smile looks healthy and bright, it gives you a boost in confidence that shows in the way you carry yourself. When you lose a tooth be it from an accident or tooth decay or some other oral condition, it can severely hamper your smile and self-image. 

Let Us Rescue Your Smile Before It’s Too Late

While dental implants are an amazing replacement for natural teeth, your chances of being a good candidate for dental implants dwindles with time if you are missing teeth. Your jawbone weakens and eventually disintegrates making dental implants likely impossible. 

Why hesitate? Contact us today and set up a free consultation to see how we can save your smile. 

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To keep it pretty simple, you would either have a missing tooth or a tooth that needed to be pulled out because it was beyond repair. Infections and other things can cause that. Then, what we do is we go in there and we screw in what looks like a little screw, it’s called a dental implant.

That anchors into your bone and what we’re looking for is to get a good angle and good purchase. Once we know it’s purchased in the bone, then we’ll allow that to heal for a couple of months. Then, we’ll restore that with a permanent restoration…