Sleep Apnea & Snoring Treatment

Chances are you or someone you know has a snoring problem that is mild to severe and it is often the butt of many jokes. When we breathe, air flows in and out steadily between our nose or mouth, and our lungs. Typically there is not much sound to this when at a relaxed sitting or standing position. With any vigorous activity, however, the air moves much quicker and produces some minor sounds as we breathe. The reason this happens is the turbulence of the airflow causes some vibration in the nose and mouth.

Now, when we sleep, the area in the throat near the back where our uvula (informally known as the punching bag) becomes very relaxed and during breathing closes intermittently for a quick second or two. The airflow doesn’t change so it causes the tissue to vibrate and make noise—this is snoring. 

You Should Take Snoring More Seriously

While snoring does yield to some viral and admittedly funny videos on social media, and can even be a point of contention in relationships—you should take snoring more seriously. It can be the sign of something more serious or even be the catalyst for it.

Sleep-related dental issues like GERD (acid reflux) and teeth grinding may actually be signs of serious health risks such as heart disease, esophageal cancer, stroke and more. Not to mention snoring disrupts important stages of sleep and is proven to cause depression, memory loss, weight gain and more. 

TAP Sleep Care available from Comprehensive Dental Group successfully treats a wide array of disruptive snoring and even sleep apnea— a more severe form of snoring where breathing stops completely for extended periods of time. 

By offering an innovative holistic, smarter approach to sleep care—we can drastically improve your quality of life and your sleep. Snoring and sleep apnea treatment has often been hit and miss and lacked the full understanding of how humans sleep. Now, with the introduction of DreamTAP® —the most innovative sleep solution to hit the industry; we can stop sleep apnea and snoring with a simple medical device customized just for you.

This Is Modern Sleep Care

The Thornton Adjustable Positioner referred to as TAP,  is an innovative and patented medical device specifically designed to keep your airway open as you sleep. While there are many devices that claim to do this, the innovative aspect of the TAP is its single, midline tension mechanism.

Dream Of A Better Sleep Experience Today

If you are tired of chronic fatigue, headaches and other symptoms of Obstructive Sleep Apnea—call one of our dental consultants to schedule an evaluation. We will see if the DreamTAP Sleep Care System is the solution to your sleepless nights. Contact us today!

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The answer is complex. Each patient presents differently, so you’re going to have to spend a fair amount of time going through some diagnostics. You’re going to go through sleep studies, airway studies, you’ll visit with us in the dental chair, as well maybe an ENT. The quick answer is yes—It can be fixed. The first step in determining whether it can be fixed is to come to visit your dentist. We’ll talk through the various options that we know we can provide. As well, we’ll give you the other specialists you might want to see to try and get treated.