Preparing For Dental Implants In Houston

A dental implant is a prosthetic device that is anchored in your jawbone to support a crown or bridge or in many cases a full arch of teeth. The implant itself acts as root in place of the missing tooth, and because of its stability and titanium build, it does not interfere with your other teeth and is biocompatible.
Because of these features and more; dental implants in Houston are becoming increasingly accessible and more affordable with excellent financing options like those available at Comprehensive Dental Group of Houston.

The Secret To Success Is Preparation

As we’ve already discussed, the best place to get dental implants in Houston is Comprehensive Dental Group Of Houston, that is no secret. However, the secret to success for your dental implant surgery is a simple preparation. Proper preparation will ensure a rapid and smooth procedure that will result in a quick healing and recovery period.

Before you get dental implants, make sure you follow this quick checklist that will ensure you have adequately prepared for this type of surgery.

Quick Prep List For Getting Dental Implants In Houston

Pre-Op Evaluation

For your dental implant surgery to be successful, several surgical steps will need to be completed, most often in a single day but in some cases, it may require multiple visits. Your dentist will determine the level of your condition and come up with a specific treatment plan centered around your circumstances. This evaluation process is when you should ask all the questions regarding the medications, recovery plan, and any other questions you may have about the procedures. A patient that is confident and psychologically prepared for a surgery of this type is a crucial component to having a smooth procedure.

Dietary Restrictions

When undergoing oral surgery, it is essential that you realize some foods will be off limits to you before and after the procedure to facilitate a successful process and speedy recovery. Your dentist will advise you of the foods and drinks that you should abstain from before and after the procedure.

It’s a good idea, in general, to keep your fridge stocked with softer foods such as mashed potatoes protein shakes yogurt and other food that don’t require heavy chewing or biting. Foods that require heavy chewing or biting will cause your implant sites to endure unnecessary pressure that may slow down or disrupt the healing process altogether. It is also heavily recommended to avoid spicy foods or foods that are acidic as that can irritate your gums while they are sensitive during this recovery period.

Plan Accordingly

When you receive dental implant surgery in Houston, it will require several days of preparation and several days of recovery after the procedure. You need to plan your life and activities around this time frame so that you don’t have any schedule conflicts. It can be quite nerve-racking when all of a sudden you realize that you have appointments that coincide with your implant surgery appointment— all it takes is prepping ahead and proper scheduling to make sure you have a clear schedule and not have any of these inconveniences pop up.

Good Financial Planning Is Important

While the cost of dental implants can be significant considering the sensitive treatment and the slight risks that are involved it is always a good idea to discuss the payment options with your doctor well before the procedure. You can also inform your insurance company far enough ahead of time so that they can help cover the upfront costs of the process. Each insurance carrier and plan is different so check with your insurer to verify your coverage and exclusions.
Payment issues are not something you want to and figure out on the day of your surgery or during your recovery, so plan well. At Comprehensive Dental Group of Houston, we have excellent financing options for you that make this process much more manageable.

Be Prepared For The Recovery Period

Most of our patients feel a lot more at ease about the procedure when they prepared themselves psychologically for a successful procedure. This includes also preparing yourself to endure some pain, slight bruising, mild swelling, and some very minor bleeding after the procedure. Although this may sound intimidating, our spa-like atmosphere and attention to comfort dentistry will ensure that you have a smooth procedure and recovery process that is minimal and pain. Of course, all patients have unique situations, and your pain level may vary; but in general, it is a very minimally invasive and minimally painful recovery period.

Secure Transportation Beforehand

After the dental implant surgery most patients will be weak. If sedated, you will not be in a condition to safely drive themselves home. For this reason, we require you to bring someone to drive you home or have prearranged, some transportation. A family member or someone you trust is preferable. That way they can help you by stopping and picking up prescribed pain medication on the way home.

Rest Up

If your doctor hasn’t already advised you getting enough sleep is pertinent to good health. It is also relevant when getting surgery or any medical procedure to have a good night’s rest before. Having a good night sleep before your procedure helps boost your confidence, lowers your stress levels before the procedure begins.

Dress Comfortably

You may not think that how you dress can affect how your dental procedure goes but it actually can. If you come in dressing for work with all of your jewelry on and form-fitting clothing. It can make you very uncomfortable during the procedure which will make the process a lot less smooth.
Wear clothing that is comfortable and leave any other accessories. You also want to avoid strong cologne or perfume as this might cause you to be nauseated.

Post-Op Tips

Follow Prescriptions

Once the surgery is complete your dentist will issue you a prescription for antibiotics and other medications to take home. Make sure you follow the medication plan and take all medicines on time to ensure smooth healing and quick recovery.

Follow The Prescribed Diet

Your dentist will prescribe you a nutritional plan to follow after your surgery. This usually includes drinking a lot of water restricting supplements and avoiding certain types of foods. Make sure you follow your doctor’s instructions precisely to prevent any complications caused by diet.

Resting Post-Op

Just like getting plenty of rest before your surgery is essential. Getting plenty of rest after your surgery  take some time off from work to allow the implant to heal correctly. Also, you want to minimize the stress you put your body under after surgery. Once you have fully recovered, you can slowly reintroduce these strenuous activities until you feel comfortable.

Welcome To Your New Smile!

Congratulations! Once you follow all these steps in the surgery process. Your tooth should feel completely natural and function as a healthy tooth would. If you haven’t already scheduled a consultation contact one of our consultants here at Comprehensive Dental Group of Houston; and see what a difference a brand-new smile can make in your life.

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