Why Choose an All On Four?

A: Patients would choose All-on-Four if they are in what we call, “terminal dentition”— meaning the remaining teeth are really not salvageable or the patient is already in a denture. If a patient is in a denture, they already know the problems and complexity that comes with a denture and people who basically have very few remaining teeth also understand the complexity and issues that they’re struggling with.The All-On-Four gives those patient types an opportunity to have highly functioning, nice cosmetic teeth—with a simple procedure.

What Is All-On-Four?

The All-On-Four™ dental implant method is a medical procedure that is so advanced both in materials and process, that it can literally do in a day what other processes take weeks to accomplish—a brand new smile.

Using a modular installation to permanently affix a full upper or lower set of implants to your jawbone in just a single day, the All-On-Four™ procedure is the most effective option you can have for a 1:1 match of natural teeth. The implants used are of the highest quality and are identical in form, function and feel to natural teeth. This procedure allows you to eat whatever foods you like, throw away that gooey denture adhesive, never worry about slippage again, and most of all, retain the smile you deserve and jawbone integrity. The All-On-Four™ procedure is not a band-aid fix like dentures and bridges, it is a permanent solution to a temporary issue that empowers you and allows your quality of life to remain high, rather than limited as it is with dentures.

Why You Might Need The All-On-Four™ Procedure

If you have ever lost several teeth or are subject to wearing dentures or a bridge, then you know the plight of the multitudes of people in your situation. From having to remove dentures and bridges nightly to clean them, to worrying if they will slip out mid-conversation—dentures and bridges are often a very sensitive subject for many individuals and often leads to depression among other problems. 

Even if you don’t have dentures you are still missing out on life and your jawbone integrity is also suffering. When you lose your teeth, the jawbone gets no stimulation since there are no roots bonded with it anymore. Even with dentures, you’re only masking the problem and giving yourself a substandard replacement for proper chewing and digestion that natural teeth give.

Also, dentures are noticeably artificial and are not a perfect fit, if you are self-conscious about your smile like most people are—the fact that your smile will physically suffer can weight on your emotional health as well. Over time, as your jawbone deteriorates your face will begin to sink in around the mouth and causing you to look drastically different. 

It’s such a difficult burden to try and conceal the fact you have dentures or missing teeth that people who do have dentures or missing teeth live in constant fear of judgment. People are human and we tend to judge unfairly, that’s just the reality of humanity. This can severely affect a person’s confidence level in addition to the physical complications of dentures or missing teeth. Problems with speech and chewing are one of the biggest issues you suffer from. Words are harder to say when you don’t you’re your natural teeth, chewing many foods proves to be impossible and nutrition also suffers because of this. 

This among other reasons is why we encourage our patients that are good candidates for All-On-Four™, to go ahead and opt for the procedure. It gives you a permanent new smile and does not affect your lifestyle at all it only bolsters it.

External Causes Of Tooth Loss

Sometimes tooth loss isn’t just from bad habits or a poor dental hygiene regimen, sometimes we can endure trauma or injuries that can directly cause tooth loss. Take a look at two real patient cases where habits and other direct causes were not the factors in their need for the All-On-Four™ procedure. (For privacy, names have been excluded)

Motorcycle Accident

This patient was enjoying a weekend day trip to Galveston when an 18-wheeler in front of him blew a tire, ejecting the huge tire tread right into his front wheel. The bike ended up crashing sending the patient into the ground face first. The type of helmet he was wearing was compliant for road use but was not the style that covers the jaw and lower mandible as well, just cranial protection. Sadly, while his jaw was only severely bruised, he ended up losing six teeth—two on the bottom and four on the top. Aside from being very painful, the prognosis was either an uncomfortable bridge or just live with the front teeth he was missing for the rest of his life. 

The patient chose the All-On-Four™ procedure given he was only 22 and wanted the best chance at living out a normal, active life without restrictions. After just one day, this patient had a full and healthy smile that was perfectly aligned, pearly white, and absolutely indistinguishable from natural teeth.


Sadly, many instances of tooth loss that require the All-On-Four™ procedure stem from some type of physical assault. The only solace dentists can take in a situation as distressing as this, is that we can help restore some dignity and normalcy to a person that has endured such a horrific crime against them. This patient was a victim of domestic abuse and we won’t go into the details but it was severe enough that the patient needed a full upper arch and a single dental implant in the lower. 

The All-On-Four™ procedure and the results it yields gave this patient an emotional sense of relief, seeing not just a full set of teeth, but an even better, whiter and better-aligned set of teeth than before.

Why Choose Comprehensive Dental Group For All-On-Four?

Dental implants account for a large portion of cosmetic dentistry procedures in Houston. While there are many procedures and products that are used to give a patient a perfect smile—the absolute best for those with multiple tooth loss is the All-On-Four™ procedure. If you are seeking the best solution for missing teeth, it is imperative that you also seek the best provider for your All-On-Four™ procedure. Many dentists in Houston may offer this advanced procedure but few offer the expertise and experience that CDG of Houston offers with Dr. Raouf Hanna.

The Advantage Is In The Experience

Dr. Hanna stands out from other Houston dental practices offering this procedure because, in addition to performing the All-On-Four™ procedure, he is also a dental implant technique innovator. Many Houston dentists declare themselves an authority on dental implants when they’ve only done a little over a thousand procedures over their long career. With Dr. Hanna however, you are gaining the advantage of over 12,000 successful dental implant procedures—which has led to him filing many patents that have revolutionized the dental implant industry. So, rather than getting your average dentist who studied this procedure and can administer it, you are dealing with an innovator in the field who is an expert in developing the procedures themselves.  When it comes to something as delicate and important as your smile, you need the track record we can provide in Dr. Hanna’s experience and institutional knowledge.

State-Of-The-Art Facilities

Dr. Hanna considers his smile reconstruction procedures and other cosmetic dentistry services his art. Like any artist, Dr. Hanna wants only the best “studio” with all of the cutting-edge tools to create his masterpieces.  An artist is only as good as the tools he has at his disposal; as a vision without means of execution is useless. That is why Dr. Hanna invested so much in the facilities at Comprehensive Dental Group. From the moment you walk in, you realize you are in a Houston dentist office that is on another level. Every patient is treated like Dr. Hanna’s only patient and he takes pride in offering the best atmosphere and service to each patient he builds a relationship with. 

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