What Is An All-On-Four?


A: All-on-Four is a complex dental procedure where we do a reconstruction of the entire mouth, but what we do—is we use implants in the place of lost teeth. Then with the implants, we anchor a full prosthesis that will have all your teeth in it. Sometimes people need just the upper, sometimes people need just the lower. But, the concept and why it says All On Four is you have four implants and then all your teeth are put back on those four implants.

Have missing or failing teeth made you feel discouraged about your appearance? Has the social stigma of a damaged smile made you less outgoing and sociable?  At Comprehensive Dental Group of Houston, we see many cases of patients going through the very same situation you are facing. We are here to tell you that there is good news for you and your smile — Dr. Hanna can fix it.

Full mouth reconstruction by Dr. Hanna is a unique permanent solution different from temporary ones like dentures or bridges. Using the latest in dental implants, we can give your smile a new life, even after serious dental trauma.

Why Am I Suffering From Missing Teeth?

We understand how stigmatizing tooth loss can be and many get so discouraged by this medical condition. Your dental problems don’t define you though, and in fact— millions of people suffer from the same exact condition, so you are not alone. Patients that come into CDGH for dental implants in Houston or full mouth reconstruction are usually suffering from conditions such as:

  • Tooth loss as a result of dental trauma or tooth decay
  • Teeth that are chipped badly, fractured or misshapen/misaligned
  • Bad tooth erosion due to acidic foods
  • Constant TMJ or other conditions that affect bite alignment and create lisps
  • Genetic dispositions that cause softer than average jawbones or other dental problems

But There Is Hope…

More than just the leaders for dental implants in Houston, Dr. Hanna is also one of the foremost leaders worldwide on the revolutionary All-On-4® procedure. This method of tooth replacement allows our patients to begin their journey to a healthy, bright smile in just one day! Yes, one day.

How Is This Possible?

The All On Four® process is what makes this one-day new smile method work. It is still a restorative treatment that involves some minor surgery; however, we offer sedation and have highly skilled anesthesiologists onsite. In fact, most patients indicate that they feel no pain at all or very minimal pain. That is the advantage of sedation dentistry—we make you as comfortable as possible so we can get you back to the comfort of your home and daily routine ASAP.

Why The All-On-4® Procedure Is So Effective

In most cases, when you have multiple teeth failing, missing or showing the symptoms of genetic dental failure; full mouth reconstruction is the best treatment option. Whether you are old or young, with dental problems this extreme—the All-On-4® treatment will completely change your life. Not only does it improve your self-image but it also improves physical well-being.

The procedure includes taking molds of your mouth and gathering imaging of the jawbone and then extracting all of the teeth in your mouth. Rather than place each implant one by one, the All-On-4® procedure places all of the lab-created restorations aligned and loaded onto a single medical device. The device is then mounted to titanium posts strategically implanted in your jawbone.

The restorations are made from high-end materials that look, feel and function just like regular teeth and the one-piece application makes for a more natural feel that you don’t have to get used to—unlike dentures and bridges. The added benefit is the teeth are aligned perfectly, also correcting any misalignment you may have had before losing your natural teeth.

Unlike dentures, there is no need to change your diet, no worrying about them wearing out or slippage and no messy adhesive. Full mouth reconstruction feels natural, looks amazing, and gives you your smile back in one day.

What Is A Dental Implant?

A dental implant is a dental prosthesis that actually takes the place the root of a tooth that has failed or decayed beyond restoration. Just like your original root, dental implants are permanently inserted into the jawbone and bond to your jawbone through a natural process called osseointegration. These titanium posts are not visible so no one can tell you have implants. They are simply used to mount the crowns (the part of the tooth you would see) that replace the affected missing teeth.

Implants are very strong, yet light, because they are made of titanium which is both lightweight but also the strongest metal that is also biocompatible—which means your body will not reject it as a foreign object. This is an important benefit to consider since this will literally become part of your body forever.

As one of the top 3 dentists in Houston, Dr. Hanna heavily favors dental implants due to their high success rates among any implant procedure medically available. Dental implant products may require more of upfront investment—but they are in fact superior and in many cases, can be less or equally expensive in the long run.

Why Dental Implants Are The Perfect Solution

Our All-on-Four is not only revolutionary due to its one-day surgery, and unique four implant procedure that evokes simplicity. It also is revolutionary due to the dental implants used themselves. We’ve already told you how dental implants protect jawbone integrity and become one with your body, but there are other reasons dental implants are a perfect solution:

  • They Will Never Decay – Because dental implants are made from advanced materials they never decay or erode. This doesn’t mean you can ignore good dental hygiene, after all, you can still get bacteria buildup and gingivitis.
  • They Are As Durable, If Not More Durable Than Real Teeth – Touching back on the durability of the materials again, it’s important to note that dental implants in Houston from Dr. Hanna are the next best thing to your real teeth, because they are just as strong but also in many patient cases their new implants were harder than their original teeth.
  • No More Messy DenturesOne of the biggest praises we get from Dr. Hanna’s All on Four patients is that they don’t have to be embarrassed using denture adhesive or worry about their teeth falling out randomly as dentures can. All on Four makes our implants YOUR teeth.

Why Full Mouth Reconstruction Instead Of Veneers?

Many of our patients that come in with issues like these, inquire about procedures they’ve seen on makeover shows and think that is the solution. Unfortunately, when you have severe dental issues those solutions such as veneers or whitening just doesn’t work. When teeth are misshapen or discolored due to decay or failure, it is more than a cosmetic issue. There is an underlying medical issue that will only progress and veneers or teeth whitening will only mask the problem as it is degenerative and will eventually lead to tooth loss. Veneers and teeth whitening are great solutions for surface issues or minor tooth issues that aren’t a health risk. For deep-rooted issues, there are usually two outcomes—tooth loss or corrective replacement.

Full mouth reconstruction procedures such as our All-On-4® treatment by Dr. Hanna actually remove the failing teeth and replace them with permanent lab-created full arches of teeth.  The procedure doesn’t just mask the problem—it solves it.


You Can Smile Again With All-On-4® From Dr. Hannah

Why are you settling for a smile you aren’t proud of, a diagnosis you don’t want to accept, and treatments that are less than ideal? Don’t settle for another minute! Contact Comprehensive Dental Group of Houston and see how full mouth reconstruction by Dr. Hanna can change your life.

If you feel you can’t afford the All-On-4®, you have nothing to worry about. It can end up costing less overall than dentures and we have special financing available for qualified applicants. Don’t let anything stop you from getting the smile you deserve. Call us today and book your free consultation.

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