Benefits Of Professional Teeth Whitening In Houston

Over the last few years, one of the biggest trends in dental care products has been the abundance of teeth whitening products and gimmicks available for at home use. They have products that guarantee shades whiter in just 24 hours, 5 shades in just 3 weeks, UV light gadgets, and charcoal whitening paste—yes, you heard that right, charcoal.

When people are so desperate for shortcuts to teeth whitening in Houston there will be a flood of gimmicks like sticking charcoal in your mouth—which ruins your teeth, check it out here. Have you ever been sold on one of these gimmicks that you see on late-night infomercials and been sorely disappointed in the results? We have patients come in every day with similar stories and how they felt hustled and lied to. As one of the top 3 dentists in Houston, we can tell you that most of the at-home treatments you can buy are no comparison for professional teeth whitening in Houston.

Don’t Trust Gimmicks

Kits that use gimmicks like dissolvable strips, baking soda in toothpaste, and battery powered UV lights are just that—gimmicks. Sure they may lighten your teeth a little bit, but at what cost to your enamel and how long do the results last? Many of these gimmicks contain chemicals or substances like charcoal that are harmful to your teeth. Consumer research studies show that the average person spends almost $300 annually on drugstore and infomercial teeth whitening solutions and are not happy with those results.

While at home whitening kits and gimmicks have very varied results and carry greater risks of tooth damage than professional teeth whitening in Houston. If you are unhappy with all of the gimmicks you have tried, why spend more on failed products? You can simply contact Comprehensive Dental Group for a teeth whitening consultation and get real results.

Real Professional Teeth Whitening Results

At Comprehensive Dental Group, Dr. Hanna and his expert whitening team have been giving patients beaming white smiles for over well over a decade. With a combined 40 years of experience in dentistry, our team are experts at creating healthy white smiles without gimmicks or damaging the enamel on your teeth.

We understand the impact a great smile has on you professionally, socially and romantically. That’s why it is so important to understand the benefits of teeth whitening in Houston done right. Professional teeth whitening has many benefits that the home kits and gimmicks just can’t compete with.

Obvious Benefits of Professional Teeth Whitening In Houston

Ok so let’s get the obvious benefits out of the way first as these are no-brainers when it comes to having a brilliant white smile.


A brighter smile is naturally more attractive and exudes confidence. Stains from things like coffee and cigarettes often dull a smile and lessen your expressiveness and degrade your self-esteem. Also, a brighter smile is more attractive and can enhance your love life as it is sure to turn someone’s head.

Better Oral Health

Another obvious benefit is that it improves your oral health. When the stains are removed during a professional whitening treatment your teeth and become healthier and stronger which increases gum health and your entire mouth for that matter. Not a bad trade-off for just a short time at the dental office right?

Less Obvious Benefits of Professional Teeth Whitening In Houston

Ok so maybe those reasons aren’t enough to resist the urge to brush your teeth with magic charcoal whitening paste. So let’s dig a bit deeper and look at some of the not so obvious benefits professional solutions offer.

A More Vibrant, Long Lasting White

Now, you might think this is more of an obvious benefit than not, especially when you consider the feeling of a fresh cleaning that comes with the treatment. However, even though it’s obvious that a professional whitening treatment yields more even whiteness, a brighter smile and better overall look than over-the-counter products—there’s another less obvious aspect. When you, for example, are a smoker or heavy coffee drinker, your teeth become severely discolored and an at-home whitening kit, just can’t give you very good results if any at all. On the other hand, professional teeth whitening in Houston at your preferred dentist is able to break through those stains with a remarkable difference in brightness.

Fast And Reliable

You may think that those over the counter kits are quick and convenient, but what is advertised isn’t always what really happens.  Typically, after the set-up, application, then the suggested wait time, and wrap-up—you’re clocking in at just over an hour on average. That doesn’t seem too far off from an office visit teeth whitening in Houston but the results are like night and day. A professional teeth whitening procedure will give you noticeably more white teeth in about an hour and you get reliable results. You can’t get a consistency like that with the multitudes of gimmicks and kits out there. So, if it’s fast you want, whiter teeth you want—Comprehensive Dental Group is all you need, one hour, that’s it no multiple sessions when you add in the suggested home maintenance post -procedure. Your smile deserves the best dentist in Houston where teeth whitening is done right.

Customized Procedures

Over-the-counter treatments are a universal application approach. Unfortunately, that leaves no room for flexibility due to fitment, whitening preference, application ease and it generally is hit and miss because of that. Professional teeth whitening from Comprehensive Dental Group is customized to your teeth, your preferences and the shade you want. It is completely tailored to you.

More Comfort And Safer For Your Teeth

Over-the-counter kits and gimmicks can actually damage your gum tissue due to the harsh chemicals often contained in the paste or gel. This can make your teeth hurt or sensitive to certain things you may eat or drink.

On the other hand, professional teeth whitening in Houston at our spa-like facility is far more comfortable, the set-up protects your gum tissue, and the procedure is handled by a professional who monitors the entire procedure start to finish. teeth whitening remedies can cause damage to the gum tissue in your mouth. This can hurt and make your teeth sensitive to certain foods and drinks.

A professional whitening treatment is much safer and more comfortable because you have an experienced expert performing the procedure and monitoring the progress every step of the way.

Need A Great Dentist In Houston For Teeth Whitening?

Call Comprehensive Dental Group today for the best teeth whitening in Houston. Our spa-like facility encourages comfort and a stress-free procedure that is customized to each patient’s needs. Contact us today for a consultation and be ready to smile ear-to-ear when you see your brighter, whiter smile.

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