What Are Dental Implants Made Of?

A: They are typically made out of titanium—there’s some other various metal components to them. Titanium implants are what anchor into the bone and allows for micromotion. That titanium represents natural root structure as close as we possibly can.

Then, talking about how we restore an implant—we also put an abutment and then a fake tooth on that abutment, so that we get a full restoration. The abutment is also made of titanium and the tooth restoration is usually made of porcelain.

Patients who suffer from missing teeth are opting more than ever to get dental implants in Houston. Implants have been around a long time and have very primitive roots—made from wood, shells, or gold. In fact, they used to be just hammered into the jaw, no anesthetic at all—but that was over a thousand years ago.

Thankfully, implants have advanced into the modern dental implants in Houston dental clinics that are restoring smiles. Today’s dental implants mimic natural teeth so perfectly in form, function, and feel, that they’re indistinguishable from natural teeth.

Why Are Dental Implants In Houston So Durable?

At Comprehensive Dental Group of Houston, we have a combined experience of over two decades with dental implants. We consistently educate ourselves on emerging advancements in implantology and new methods. This is how we ensure that you not only get the smile you want but one that lasts a lifetime, with quality materials. The result is worth all the extra effort—you get a brand new smile that only you know is implants.

Dental implants created here in our lab are identical to your natural teeth, they’re just perfected. We use advanced technology to get an exact fit and sculpt your smile to perfection. They need to be perfect because they are going to last you a lifetime with proper care.

The reason they last so long is due to the materials that go into dental implants in Houston. Think of it along the lines of other replacement surgeries. Hip replacement, knees, and other high-impact parts of the body. Just as these joints have to be tough enough to take the impact constantly, teeth are subject to the same force. When you factor in just how much teeth are used you realize the wear and tear is extensive. That is why dental implants in Houston need to be so durable and long-lasting while looking great too.

Implants Have Come A Long Way

To wrap your head around how advanced modern dental implants are—you have to look at where they’ve come from. In the primitive years of dental implants, the main focus was basic function— not comfort or appearance. People used what materials were available, so sometimes that was primitive. Wooden pegs, sharpened stones, shells, and the like were the norm.

Then, in the 17th century, Dr. John Hunter began conducting studies using teeth obtained from cadavers. Embedding them into the comb of roosters, Dr. Hunter realized the tooth bonded with the comb. This would be the spark that would lead to the meteoric rise of implantology that led to the next milestone discovery.

The Titanium Difference

When it comes to materials used over the years in dental implants none has made a bigger difference than titanium. Two doctors from Switzerland reasoned that since titanium was used in joint replacement surgery, why not for dental implants? After all, the impacts that joints such as the knee and hip endure are much greater than what teeth endure.

Their reasoning proved to be spot on and dental implants were thrust into the spotlight of the dental field. Titanium is now the pound-for-pound standard for dental implants in Houston and around the world. Not only is titanium biocompatible—it’s incredibly lightweight and durable.

Titanium is such a natural replacement for a missing root, that the focus of advancing implant technology has shifted. Prosthodontists worldwide are focusing on improving the cosmetics of dental implants—which are already indistinguishable from natural teeth!

That work on improving restorations speaks volumes to just how perfect titanium is for implants. This also allows for improvements in perfecting the implant process. After all, complacency is never productive, so constantly trying to improve is crucial.

Precision Artistry And Materials

When getting dental implants in Houston, whether it be a full arch replacement or a single tooth—it’s more than just the materials used. While the titanium posts do make a huge impact on the longevity of implants, there is a level of artistry and precision involved. If you have the most advanced materials for the implants but not the precise placement—it’s a waste.

Proper placement of dental implants requires advanced imaging that allows the prosthodontist to create a perfect fit scenario. Unlike dentures, implants are an exact fit, so there is no margin for error—either they fit precisely or not at all. This includes the angle, the spacing, and the intricacies of a patient’s natural smile structure.

Additionally, the restoration needs to be exact and as lifelike as possible. You can’t just create a crown from porcelain, paint it white and call it a day. Natural teeth don’t have a smooth surface, they have a slight ripple of finite grooves that run vertically across the tooth surface. Teeth also have unique shades, a level of translucency, and a shape exclusive to each person.

This is why it takes an actual artist who specializes in recreating natural teeth to color the restorations perfectly. Adding texture, shade variations and even shaping the crowns to match the patient’s remaining teeth. Additionally, teeth have a natural translucency and color that appears in subtle layers. Points and ridges must also be precisely created as not to interfere with existing teeth or alter bite alignment.

When you consider all the labor and effort that goes into the artistic aspect of tooth replacements it’s quite intensive. At CDG we take the accuracy up a notch by using 3-D imaging, modeling, and printing to ensure accurate results.


We Set The Standard For Dental Implants In Houston

When it comes to choosing the best dental implants—you don’t need to look any further than our state-of-the-art facility. We always make it our mission to stay at the forefront of dental implant technology and equipment. The investment for the technology we use is significant. However, when we see the results in our client’s new smile—it’s worth it.

When it comes to dental implants the technology, as mentioned, is nothing without the right doctor behind it. Dr. Hanna is a trailblazer in the dental implant industry owning several patents that have changed the industry. Dr. Hanna approaches dental implants like a form of art, and an artist is limited only by their tools.

That is why we do invest so heavily into 3-D modeling and imaging equipment. We want to preview as much as possible, what Dr. Hanna’s work will look like. This balance of technology and artistry helps us create the perfect smile—the first time.

Too often, we get patients that come to us to correct bad dental implants or upgrade from poorly designed dentures. There is no reason why dental implants should not be completely accurate with the available technology.

Come Get Your Smile Back With Dr. Hanna

Dr. Hanna has thousands of patients that walk in here depressed about their broken smile. After their implant procedure, however, they walk out with a new lease on life, feeling confident as ever. We believe you will feel that way too. Contact us to book your free consultation and get back the smile you’ve been missing.




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