Houston Dental Implants: Virginia’s Journey

When you wake up in the morning and look in the mirror and see missing teeth—it’s not a smile you’re likely happy about. In fact, it can be emotionally debilitating and take a huge toll on your confidence. However, there is a way to restore your smile to a picture-perfect smile that you deserve. It’s not your everyday dentist you need to speak to for this big change—you need an expert in smile restoration.

Houston Dental Implants Specialist, Dr. Raouf Hanna

Here at the Comprehensive Dental Group of Houston, Dr. Raouf Hanna has changed thousands of lives with full mouth reconstruction. The entire team here has a passion for seeing lives changed through restored smiles. We want you to have the smile you envision because we know the difference a good self-image can make in your physical health. If you are suffering from one or more of your teeth missing or failing, read on. We will show you how dental implants can change your life and your health.

The Next Best Thing To Natural Teeth

Even if you’re just missing a single tooth, having a gap where a tooth should be not only inhibits your confidence it affects your health. You see, without the tooth rooted in the jawbone, the bone matter deteriorates due to lack of stimulation. This can lead to other dental issues, and if you’re missing several teeth it can be very serious. Missing teeth can cause a domino effect of health issues such as decay, gum disease, malnutrition, and even heart disease.

There is no need to subject yourself to such risk when you can comfortably and easily remedy the issue permanently. No awkward dentures, no ill-fitting bridgework that damages healthy teeth. You just need Dr. Hanna, the best in Houston dental implants.

Dr. Hanna is one of the most experienced implant specialists with over 12,000 successful procedures. Aside from that, he’s also Houston proud, having earned his Masters of Periodontics right here at UT-Houston. He delivers on his promise of state-of-the-art dental implants that are so natural-looking, no one will know—unless you tell them.

No One Will Know They’re Dental Implants

Dental implants are the ultimate solution for replacing natural teeth because they are a 1:1 natural fit. There is no adjustment, no compensating for other teeth, they are a precise and exact fit. Not only that, but the material they are made from will last a lifetime. Just like your original teeth, each implant has a root and a crown. The implant acts as the root and is made of bio-compatible titanium and it bonds with your jawbone. This is an important feature as it saves your jawbone and keeps it strong. The crown is made of a substance that is as durable as natural teeth. The hardness is the same or greater with the only difference being they can never decay. Keep in mind, however, that does not mean you can skip flossing. You can still get gum disease from trapped food particles just like with regular teeth so keep your regimen strict.

Dental implants also function as your original teeth, unlike dentures that severely interfere with your diet and speech. Houston dental implants offer the same freedom of natural teeth. You can eat what you like and you won’t have to learn how to speak with implants. It’s no different than before the procedure. Oral care is also the same, simply brush and floss at least twice daily as you normally would.

Is Dr. Hanna The Best In Houston Dental Implants?

If your broken smile is putting a damper on your self-image, your social life, and your quality of life—what’s holding you up? Why have you not investigated dental implants with Dr. Hanna? The fact that you are here means you are wanting help—we understand. Maybe you just aren’t sure if Dr. Hanna really is the best. Maybe you’re not sure dental implants are all they’re made out to be. We understand how our words can fall on deaf ears. After all, we could naturally be biased right?

Well, maybe you should listen to one of Dr. Hanna’s patients—Virginia. Recently, she was interviewed with Dr. Hanna on H-Town Spotlight with Rebecca Spera on ABC 13. Below you can read the interview featured in the clip above. Pay attention to how happy and full of life Virginia appears, and how passionate she is about her experience. That is not an actress, that is one of our real-life, loyal patients here at the clinic.

She was once in the same situation you may be in—and she made the call that would change her life for the better.

The Best In Houston Dental Implants: Virginia’s Journey

Rebecca Spera: Most of us when we go out and about, the first thing we want to do is smile when we see someone we know. If we’re not happy with our teeth, it can affect our confidence and be challenging to go out and about every day.

Today, I am with Dr. Raouf Hanna with the Comprehensive Dental Group of Houston and his patient Virginia. Now, Virginia, you came to Dr. Hanna because you weren’t feeling very good about your teeth for a while.

Virginia: That is correct.

Rebecca: Tell me what was going on.

Virginia: Well, at that time I was losing my teeth. I had to come in and have something done because I was losing my confidence in the process. Dr. Hanna is a miracle worker in my eyes. I have my self-esteem back, I am able to go out and meet people, talk to them—it’s just a big change in my life that I’m so grateful for.

Rebecca: Well, [Dr. Hanna] Virginia told me that it was a couple of hours and her whole smile and confidence was transformed. It really happened that fast for her?

Dr. Hanna: Correct, we do a consultation first and then we get records and everything that’s needed—X-rays, CT scans, digital filming [sic]. We have our own lab, so we reconstruct the case in the lab first, and then she comes in. We have sedation, so she’s completely comfortable, completely asleep. Then, within two hours we place the implants, connect the new teeth to them, and she can have full function the next day.

Rebecca: And that’s exactly what you’ve had [Virginia] which is incredible—oh my gosh, I’m so happy for you! A lot of people come to you Dr. Hanna for full mouth reconstruction, what exactly is that?

The Miracle Of Full Mouth Reconstruction

Dr. Hanna: Yes, we specialize where most of our patients will need their full mouth rebuilt. Either missing teeth for a long time—we’ve had patients that lost their teeth for over 40 years and lived with dentures. The dentures don’t fit or hold anymore, and they need something so, we do the implants to hold new teeth.

Rebecca: And how does the process work?

Dr. Hanna: It depends, we have some out-of-state patients so we will pre-plan it to be a one-day consultation, and then the next day is the procedure. Sometimes, it’s a week in between it just depends on our schedule and the patient’s, so we arrange in advance.

Now, another thing is the number of implants that we use to do a full mouth have greatly been reduced. We used to have to place 10 to 12 implants, sometimes 15 for a full mouth reconstruction. It used to be a process of several surgeries and several steps that would take between 6 and 18 months to finish.

That is all history, it’s all in the past. Now, we can use as many as 8 or as little as 5 implants to do a full mouth reconstruction. Which reduced the cost also significantly.

Rebecca: That is so incredible, and I have to ask you, Virginia. Why would you recommend this to others who might be feeling unconfident and not wanting to go out and about like you were for so long?

Virginia: I recommend this because Dr. Hanna exceeded my expectations. No pain. I was AMAZED. Put the fear aside, give him a call—have a consultation so you can go on with your life.

Rebecca: And have a smile like Virginia one day too!  

You Can Get The Best In Houston Dental Implants Too!

Did Virginia’s story hit close to home for you? We know it does for many of the people that are reading this. We encourage you to do as Virginia says, “put the fear aside.” Contact us today to schedule your free consultation and begin the journey to change your life!

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