Is A Veneer Permanent?

A: It is a permanent solution, but I would never call it a lifetime solution. In dentistry, most of the time, the teeth God gave us don’t even last a lifetime. So, to expect something that’s put in at a dentist’s office to last a lifetime, I think is unrealistic. However, it is a permanent […]

3 Cosmetic Concerns That Can Be Solved by Veneers


3 Cosmetic Concerns That Can Be Solved by Veneers Dental veneers are thin, custom shells made of a porcelain material. Veneers are typically used to enhance the appearance of the parts of teeth that are visible when someone smiles, namely the front parts of the front teeth. If you’re thinking about asking your dentist about […]

Who Can Benefit from Veneers?

woman with veneers

Who Can Benefit from Veneers? Veneers, sometimes called porcelain teeth in Houston, are a part of cosmetic dentistry that can replace the look and function of patients’ front teeth. Whether patients have gapped, chipped, or stained teeth, they can talk to their dentist about dental veneers. Here is better look at how dental veneers can […]