Dr. Hanna Transforms Smiles With Invisalign®

Invisalign by Dr. Hanna

Whether you live in Spring, Sugarland, North Houston or Uptown—cosmetic dentistry specialists aren’t hard to come by, nor are solutions for a smile that just isn’t quite right. The key to getting a great looking smile, however, is choosing the right dentist for the job. If you are struggling with your self-image due to a less […]

Should You Consider Invisalign?

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Should You Consider Invisalign? There are many benefits of having a beautiful smile, from making it easier to talk to strangers to enjoying better oral and overall health. Invisalign is a type of family dental care in Houston that can be great for individuals of just about any age, but it’s not necessarily the number […]

The Benefits of Invisalign

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The Benefits of Invisalign The field of cosmetic dentistry is full of treatments that address your appearance and your health at the same time. Not all cosmetic dental procedures in Houston solve the same problems, however, so you’ll need to talk to your dentist to find out which one is right for you. Invisalign is […]