What to Expect from the Dental Implant Procedure

What to Expect from the Dental Implant Procedure

You should always replace a missing adult tooth. If you don’t, your other teeth might shift into the gap left behind or you might lose bone mass, leading to a change in the appearance of your face. Dental implants in Houston aim to replace both the root and the crown of your missing tooth, which is great for your smile and your oral health. Before you can have an implant placed, however, you’ll need to talk to your dentist. Once you’re done with the procedure, you’ll need to know how to take care of your restoration. Here is a quick look at what to expect:


Your dentist knows best, so you will always start by making an appointment for a consultation. If you’re already going in for a checkup, you can feel free to talk to your dentist about dental implants at that point. Your dentist will assess your gums, teeth, and jawbone to make sure you are a proper candidate for dental implants and that this is indeed the right procedure for your needs. If you are a good candidate and it’s the optimal treatment, you can start looking forward to your new dental implant.

Implant Placement

The root of your tooth is what anchors it to the bone, and it rests below the gum line. When the tooth falls out and the root stops stimulating the bone, you start to lose mass. Your oral surgeon will place an implant into your gum, and over time it will fuse to the bone in your jaw. This prevents bone resorption and retains the shape of your face. Once the fusion has occurred, your dentist can then cap the abutment with a dental crown.


It’s best not to disturb or agitate your dental implant immediately after placement. Although it will eventually function just like your natural teeth, it will need time to heal. Be prepared for potential swelling and use gauze to handle any bleeding. It is a good idea to stick to softer foods that aren’t particularly hot or cold for a few days following your dental implant procedure.

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