Understanding the Benefits of Wearing a Snore Guard for Your Sleep Apnea

Understanding the Benefits of Wearing a Snore Guard for Your Sleep Apnea

When you wake up in the morning, do you feel revived and refreshed, or do you feel fatigued and unrested? If your sleep is less than restful, it could be an indication that you suffer from sleep apnea. Sleep apnea is a relatively common condition that affects your breathing while you are sleeping. Your family dentist in Houston can help you with more than chipped teeth in; he can also provide you with a snore guard that reduces the symptoms of sleep apnea.

Symptoms of Sleep Apnea

In addition to feeling groggy throughout the day, your sleep partner may notice loud snoring, gasping, or irregular breathing during the night. These sleep apnea symptoms are more than an annoyance for your partner. Sleep apnea can also contribute to long-term health problems such as diabetes, heart disease, and weight gain. During your next preventive dentistry appointment, let your dentist know that you are exhibiting symptoms of sleep apnea—or that you have already been diagnosed. Both you and your sleep partner will be grateful for the treatment of your symptoms.

Treating Sleep Apnea

You might be surprised to learn that your family dentistry specialist can help you with improving the symptoms of your sleep apnea. An oral appliance known as a snore guard is custom made just for you to help you stop snoring and finally get restful sleep. During your visit to your family dental clinic, your dentist will take an impression so that the mouthpiece you receive will fit you perfectly. The purpose of the snore guard is to move your jaw forward so that your upper airway is less restricted. With this increase in space, you’ll be able to breathe easier and snore less during the night. Depending on the severity of your sleep apnea, your dentist may recommend a snore guard in conjunction with a breathing device known as CPAP. In some cases, a snore guard will be sufficient for treatment, and is easier to adjust to for many patients.


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