The Advantages of Metal-Free Crowns

The Advantages of Metal-Free Crowns

If you’re looking for crowns to restore your decayed or cracked teeth in Houston, you may want to consider metal-free crowns. Metal-free crowns are a form of cosmetic and restorative dentistry that both improve your oral health and make your smile more attractive.

Traditional crowns have a metal lining combined with a coat of porcelain. Because light cannot pass through these two materials, traditional crowns often show a dark gray color around your gum line—a telltale sign that you’ve had dental work done.

Unlike traditional crowns, metal-free crowns are a fully ceramic cosmetic dental treatment. Thanks to this, they do not create any discoloration around your teeth. The result is that your smile is healthy, restored, and natural-looking. Whether you have broken teeth or teeth that have been damaged by dental decay, metal-free crowns promote healthy oral hygiene by creating an improved tooth structure. Thanks to this innovation in cosmetic dental treatments, you’ll always have a reason to smile.


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