Aftercare For Full Mouth Reconstruction

Achieving a beautiful and confident smile through full mouth reconstruction with All-on-4 dental implants in Houston is a life-altering experience. In fact, there’s not a Houston dentist that will argue against that. Comprehensive Dental Group of Houston prides itself on providing exceptional care and guidance throughout your dental journey. While the procedure itself is a […]

How Do I Take Care Of My New Implants?

How Do I Take Care Of My New Implants

A: To take care of your dental implants we always recommend a night guard as well as coming at least twice a year for dental cleanings. Are you considering getting dental implants in Houston? You probably have a lot of questions that most patients ask as well. One of the most often asked questions we […]

How Do I Know I Need Veneers?

How Do I Know I Need Veneers

A: If you don’t like the shape or the color of your smile, then you are a great candidate for dental veneers. Have you been considering doing something to improve your smile due to discoloration, or the shape of your smile? Maybe you’re wanting to really knock some socks off at your 20-year high school […]

Will Dental Implants Help Me To Eat And Drink Normally?

dental implants

A: Whatever discomfort, whatever issues that were occurring with the tooth that was in stress, decay, or missing—will go away. The dental implants and the restoration on top will basically give you almost 100% tooth structure that you had previously. So, you’ll find that people—if it’s only one tooth they’re still eating pretty well. But, […]