Full Mouth Reconstruction In Houston

The Best Option For A Perfect Smile Missing teeth can significantly impact one’s quality of life, affecting everything from the ability to eat and speak comfortably to self-confidence and overall health. For those facing the challenge of missing all their teeth, Full Mouth Reconstruction from The CDG of Houston offers a comprehensive solution. This procedure, […]

What Do I Need To Bring With Me To My New Patient Consultation?

What Do I Need To Bring With Me To My New Patient Consultation

A: We ask our new patients to bring their dental insurance cards if they have any. Also, fill out the new patient forms on the patient resource tab on our website. Choosing the right prosthodontist in Houston for dental implants takes a fair amount of due diligence on your part. It’s comparable to any other […]

What Is The Process For A Dental Implant?

What Is The Process For A Dental Implant?

A: To keep it pretty simple, you would either have a missing tooth or a tooth that needed to be pulled out because it was beyond repair. Infections and other things can cause that. Then, what we do is we go in there and we screw in what looks like a little screw, it’s called […]

Will Dental Implants Help Me To Eat And Drink Normally?

dental implants

A: Whatever discomfort, whatever issues that were occurring with the tooth that was in stress, decay, or missing—will go away. The dental implants and the restoration on top will basically give you almost 100% tooth structure that you had previously. So, you’ll find that people—if it’s only one tooth they’re still eating pretty well. But, […]