Sealing Out Tooth Decay

Sealing Out Tooth Decay

Frequently used in family dentistry in Houston, dental sealants are an extra layer of protection to fight tooth decay. Dental sealants are encouraged in children’s dentistry to protect young teeth, but they are also applied to adults’ teeth for the same reason: To seal out tooth decay.

As seen in the short video, dental sealants are a part of preventative dentistry wherein dentists apply a liquid, hardening plastic to the chewing surfaces of the teeth. These sealants will last several years, and the patient will never be bothered by them. As the patient goes through life, maintaining proper and daily oral hygiene, the sealants help guard the chewing surfaces from tooth decay that can cause cavities. Children often receive sealants in children’s dentistry because they are still learning proper hygiene, and sealants will further protect their teeth as they mature.

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