What You Should Know About Snoring

snoring problems in houston

What You Should Know About Snoring If you or a loved one has problems with snoring, it may be time to make an appointment with your family dentistry practitioner. You may be surprised to learn that your general family dentistry office in Houston has many of the diagnostic tools and materials that are needed to […]

Get to Know Dr. Raouf Hanna

dr. raouf hanna

Get to Know Dr. Raouf Hanna Dr. Raouf Hanna is one of the board-certified specialists offering top quality patient care at The Comprehensive Dental Group of Houston. Dr. Hanna specializes in dental implants in Houston and periodontics and is a nationally recognized expert in his field with several journal publications to his name. When he […]

Meet Dr. Richard Gervais

dr. richard gervais

Meet Dr. Richard Gervais Are you looking for family dental care in Houston? Dr. Richard Gervais is one of the founders of the Comprehensive Dental Group of Houston, a facility that provides high-quality family dentistry by bringing several board-certified dental specialists to a single location. This allows patients to have access to restorative dentistry, endodontic, […]