A Closer Look at How Snore Guards Work

A Closer Look at How Snore Guards Work

You probably associate family dental care in Houston with exams and cleanings, but did you realize that your dentist might be able to help you sleep better? If you suffer from poor sleep, then call your family dental office and ask about snore guards. Here is how these devices work:

Snore guards can help you breathe better at night.

A disorder called sleep apnea is a common cause of poor sleep in individuals. This condition is characterized by shallow and interrupted breathing while a person sleeps, and it occurs because the person’s airway collapses when his or her body relaxes. This pattern of poor breathing results in low blood oxygen levels and causes the person’s sleep cycles to be interrupted. If this happens to you, then this means that your cells aren’t able to heal your body as they should. Snore guards are an excellent solution for people who suffer from sleep apnea because these appliances can help them breathe normally while they sleep.

Snore guards expand the size of your airway.

To understand how snore guards can treat sleep apnea, it’s important to realize how these two conditions are related. If your airways collapse while you sleep, this forces your body to work harder to get enough oxygen to your cells. The forceful breathing that results causes soft tissues to vibrate, and this movement is what causes the snoring sound. A snore guard is a small appliance that you wear inside your mouth while you sleep, and can be custom fitted by a family dentistry professional. They work by increasing the size of your airway to help keep the back of your throat unobstructed while you sleep.

There are signs that a snore guard could be right for you.

There are several common symptoms associated with sleep apnea. If you are a chronic snorer, suffer from insomnia or daytime fatigue, feel irritable or depressed, or wake up with a sore throat or a headache in the mornings, then you may suffer from sleep apnea. If you experience any of these symptoms, call your family dentistry office to schedule your consultation for a snore guard.


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